Online Marketing

Online Marketing

Our online marketing campaigns will attract the right sort of people to your website - people who want to buy your products & services.

Why should Search Engine Optimization be important to you?

Statistics demonstrate that over 80% of E-commerce transactions are initiated through search engines such as Yahoo, Google, Lycos, Excite, Ask and others. Whether your site is targeted at online retail, business commerce or brochure ware, your placement in search engines is crucial to the success of your website. If your site isn’t registered with the appropriate search engines, your company will not appear when perspective buyers look for the products or services you offer.

Our Full-Service Search Engine Marketing Solutions: Natural Search Engine Optimization: Integral to the development of a web presence is a natural search engine optimization plan. We start by identifying the strategically aligned keywords and phrases that will drive the most qualified traffic to your website. We also address existing technical challenges with your website that may hinder search engine visibility and plan for long term content and meta data approach to ensure direct correlation with search engine algorithms.

Pay Per Click Advertising: With little start up time, PPC campaigns are very attractive for businesses that need immediate results. Together, we can define, test and discover which keywords to target via the most effective pay per click programs and at what manageable price. Also key to PPC, learning the inherit synergies between natural search engine optimization and PPC. Sometimes it's worth buying rather than optimize and in some instance, do both.

Website Conversion Review: All the traffic in the world is meaningless without engaging your visitors to interact with the site in a meaningful way. Businesses define conversions differently. Together we'll flush out your site's goals and uncover the obstacles that your website poses to visitors that try to perform a “conversion action” (buy a product, register for a webinar, download whitepapers, request more information, etc.).

Website Analytics & ROI Tracking: Plan, optimize, measure, analyze and tune all of your marketing programs. Our website analytics & ROI tracking enables us and you to monitor how many hits you have established on your website and detailed reports can be viewed to analyse information such as the most popular page(s) visited and where in the world the user had viewed your website from.  

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